10 Ideas to Esteem Dad

Creative ways to express love and appreciation to the special dads in your life.

The calendar has now turned to June, and once again my thoughts turn to Father's Day ... and Daddy.

... once again, I miss him.

... once again, I wish I had another chance to say, "I love you!"

You and your children may still have that chance. I hope some of the following ideas (contributed by dads) will help you do something today to express your love and appreciation to the special dads in your life.

  1. Have each of the kids paint their names on a solid white tie. Children who cannot write could draw a small picture. "Although I seldom wear ties and my kids are mostly grown now, I wear that tie to church on Father's Day every year."
  2. Make a video clip of your favorite memories with your dad and how much he means to you, and send it to him.
  3. Frame a special handwritten note or tribute. Little ones can give Dad a unique note with printed letters or crayon-colored pictures. Adult children may want to give their fathers an actual tribute (read The Best Gift You Can Give Your Parents).
  4. Honor your father through your marriage. "After Kathy and I had been married for about 15 years, Dad pulled me aside one day and said, 'I'm proud of you, son. You've got a good woman and family there.'"
  5. Give your dad gifts to encourage him in his special hobby or talent.
  6. Recreate an experience with your father that brings back memories (going to a special sporting event, amusement park, camping trip, etc.). With adult siblings, it's fun to remember identical events from different perspectives.
  7. Give your dad gifts to encourage him in his special hobby or talent. Kids could wrap individual presents that all relate to a central theme. "My kids gave me some canvas, oil paints, brushes, and such. I haven't painted in years and they were trying to jump-start me."
  8. Mom, help the kids plan and prepare a secret picnic for Dad. The kids can hijack him for a special time. You can send them all off with the picnic basket and a map to their surprise destination.
  9. Take some time to retrieve some specific memories of things you did with your dad. Reflect on them: What was important, significant, fun or memorable about them? Write those specific memories in a letter. Take your dad out for a meal, let him read the letter, and then talk together about those specific memories.
  10. Men, if your son has blessed you with grandchildren, you may want to give him a blessing for Father's Day. "Dad prayed the most awesome prayer that went straight to my soul. He said he was proud of me. He asked God to bless me, my wife, our children, and future grandchildren."
  11. If there was a period in your life of estrangement from your father, or rebellion against God, give your dad the evidence of real faith. Nothing means more to Christian fathers than the contentment of seeing God work in their children's lives. “Immediately after I came back to the Lord as a young man, the gulf between my father and me evaporated. Ironically, what meant the most to Dad was not a transaction between him and me, but between me and the Lord.”

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